A Look Back At A Jump Forward

January 8, 2020

As always around this time of year, there is a lot of reflection happening. Reflecting on the past year and the coming new one. This of course could happen any time of the year, doesn’t have to happen now. But then you get your Top songs of 2019 on Spotify and it makes you think…dammit Spotify.

So here’s a little reflecting….

For me 2019 was a very productive and transformative year. I really dove into something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to yet…portraiture. Kickstarted by my cousin who asked me to photograph her wedding, I crashed in head first and tried to learn as much as I could and get some practice before the day arrived. It was honestly terrifying. However, I’ve never experienced the level of satisfaction that I got from producing work with people, couples, models, etc. before. So now I’m hooked and just want to keep going. I’ve also been amazed of how nice and supportive the folks that I’ve met are within the photographer-model community. There is a lot of negativity that breeds on the internet but at least in my reality I haven’t come across that…yet.

I was always drawn to the work of portrait, wedding, and fashion photographers since I got into the medium and could spend hours pouring over photos. Especially fantastical ones that really blend the lines between reality and imagination, like some of Miss Aniela’s work. I spent hours watching videos on how to pose, how to work with subjects, how to compose images. None of that prepared me for actually shooting and working with people. Those videos made it looks easy! But there is so much to think about when shooting, the settings on the camera, the person or people you are working with, the pose, the composition, the location. I’m not even talking about using flash or studio set ups! It was a massive learning curve and I was such a dork on shoots. Still am!

Another massive happening in 2019, I moved to London! It’s only been about two months, but I don’t regret it…yet. I might write a little about this in the future. But what a big change! I went from living and working in the suburbs of Boston (driving everywhere) to living and working in the middle of the city of London, taking the Tube everywhere. What an incredible city. If you don’t mind a little soot in your nose, this is such a cool place to be.

So here’s just a little bit of what I did in 2019, thanks to all the super cool people I met along the way: